Japanese Private Launch Rocket Crashes Down To Earth

Japanese Private Launch Rocket Crashes Down To Earth

Trying to reach Space is a costly affair, so a number of private launch companies try and lower that cost by creating their own vehicles. One such company is Interstellar Technologies, a Japanese private launch company that recently launched its MOMO F-5 rocket.

Unfortunately, the rocket didn't quite make it to Space, falling short just before making it into the zone after some sort of malfunction last Saturday.


"Family sedan for the stars"

Interstellar Technologies (ITS) calls itself the "family sedan for the stars," and aims to use an affordable, small rocket to redeliver small payloads up to orbit.

Its latest attempt to reach its goal was on Saturday 13 June, when it launched its newest, and fifth, rocket into the air, MOMO F-5. The launch happened from Hokkaido in Japan. The 30-foot-tall rocket that weighs approximately 2,200 lbs seemingly launched without any issues, but as you watch the video you notice a spark, after which IST called for the mission to be aborted and the rocket came plummeting slowly but surely down into the sea.

The termination of the launch happened around 70 seconds after liftoff after it became clear that the rocket had suffered a malfunction.

MOMO F-5 only made it up to 11.5 kilometers up (7.5 miles), far below its goal of 100 km (62 miles) — where it would reach the boundary of Space.

As per, a new MOMO rocket is already under construction, and IST is also developing an orbital rocket called Zero. So this isn't the last time we see IST making news.

You can watch the entire launch with replays via NVS-Neko Video Visual Solutions' video on YouTube, below.

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