YouTuber Auctions off 50 Antique Cars Found in Pennsylvania Barn

YouTuber Auctions off 50 Antique Cars Found in Pennsylvania Barn

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These 50 antique cars found inside a Pennsylvania barn have quite an interesting story, reported by Business Insider. They once belonged to Larry Schroll. When he died in 2018, his family inherited his massive car collection.

They initially wanted to auction it off but could not find an auctioneer who knew enough about the cars to do so properly. That's when they reached out to YouTuber Matt Murray of IronTrap Garage.


Murray's YouTube channel focuses on cars from the World War II era. He made a deal with the family saying he would help them in exchange for purchasing two hot rods from the collection: a 1932 Ford five-window coupe and a 1934 Ford Tudor.

Now Murray will release a video every Sunday about the barn collection for a period of two months. He also plans to document how he will restore the two Fords he acquired.

"When we put those videos [documenting the two Ford restorations], people are going to lose their minds. It's a once in a lifetime thing to find a '32 Ford like one and buy it, and to buy a '32 and a '34 Ford at the same time is just off the charts," Murray told Business Insider.

Murray has further praised the collection that has cars made between the 1920s and 1970s.

“Pretty much anybody that walks in there would find something they like, whether you're a muscle car guy or a hot rod guy or just the straight-up antique car collector,” he said.

Murray explained how Schroll managed to buy the cars at pretty cheap prices by purchasing them at big swap meets.

“He [was] buying cars that are worth $20,000 now and he paid like, $1,000,” he said.

He added that each of the cars bought had its own specific value.

"Everything he bought is unique or interesting for one reason or another," Murray said. "You can actually tell why he bought it."

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