Lotus Sells All of Its 130 Electric Evija Hypercars Worth $2.65 Million Each

Lotus Sells All of Its 130 Electric Evija Hypercars Worth $2.65 Million Each

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Last year, Lotus revealed the world’s first all-electric British hypercar - the Evija. It was a 2000 horsepower fully electric hypercar planned to be sold for an astounding $2.65 million.


"The Evija is the most powerful and dynamically accomplished road car in the history of Lotus, and sets a new standard for Lotus driving performance. It is the first all-electric British hypercar and the first Lotus with an electrified powertrain," said Lotus in a press release

Now, it seems the firm succeeded in selling all 130 of its vehicles, Lotus revealed to Autocar. Autocar reported that Evija's 2020's production run is sold out although no exact figures were given.

It's not a big surprise, however, as the car is indeed a marvelous piece of well-built engineering.

"Evija is illustrative of the innovative thinking and ingenuity that has always been part of the Lotus DNA. With a target output of 2000 PS, it is the world’s most powerful series production road car. It has been designed and engineered in the UK, and will be produced at Hethel, UK, the home of Lotus since 1966," said Lotus in their press release.

Lotus also revealed to Autocar that each of the Evija's will be hand-built in a refurbished facility at Lotus's headquarters in Hethel, Norfolk.

“With our new factory ready, we are ahead of the pack in the emerging EV hypercar segment and 100% ready for some healthy competition," Lotus boss Phil Popham told Autocar.

Lotus also revealed that dynamic testing is on the way for the impressive car and that in addition to its own circuit in its Hethel test track, it will be testing the car in European circuits too.

“Physical prototype testing at speed is a landmark moment for the Evija and hugely exciting for everyone involved. Our aim is to make sure it’s a true Lotus in every sense, with exceptional performance that’s going to set new standards in the hypercar sector," told Autocar Gavan Kershaw, director of vehicle attributes at Lotus.

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