5 Impressive Theme Parks That Could Have Been Some of the World's Best

5 Impressive Theme Parks That Could Have Been Some of the World's Best

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Theme parks around the world attract a huge number of visitors year in and year out. Thrill-seekers can get their adrenaline hit from a multitude of twisting and twirling rollercoasters, and for those who prefer a more sedate experience while still being part of the fun, there's something there for them too.

Theme parks bring friends and families together around the world.

However, even though there are countless options, some theme parks unfortunately never see the light of day. Here are five ones that would have been amazing, had they been able to operate.


1. Six Flags Dubai

Six Flags theme parks are well known for their impressive, stomach churning, humongous rollercoaster rides. Dubai was all set to join the ranks of cities that boast a Six Flags park this year.

As is the norm for Dubai, this attraction was going to be bigger, better, more thrilling and more exciting than any other Six Flags. It was going to host the world's biggest rollercoaster and all.

Alas, the project did not pull through.

2. Beastly Kingdom

This Disney theme park was meant to be an extension of Florida's Animal Kingdom, but instead of real animals, the park would have boasted mythical creatures.

The park was due to have two very different sides to it: a dark side and a light one. Very Disney-esque. All that's left of the park's initial plans are a few remnants.

3. Space City USA

This theme park was meant to be built in the 1960s in Huntsville, Alabama. It was due to have a very sci-fi theme to it, where visitors would be transported to a futuristic world filled with attractions.

There was also meant to be a nostalgic touch of the past with time machine rides that included dinosaurs in the Lost World, and the Land of Oz.

4. The Battersea

There have been many plans for the Battersea Power Station in London, its most recent one being a mixed-use neighborhood with accommodation, restaurants, shops and cultural places.

However, back in the 1980s plans to turn it into the world's best theme park were hatched. It was meant to be a glass-roofed atrium filled with six floors of fun. These were meant to include Europe's largest ice rink, the biggest aquarium in the world with mini-submarine rides, waterfalls, and even hot-air balloon rides.

5. Miami Interama

Interama stands for 'Inter-American Cultural and Trade Center' and it was meant to be a theme park in Miami along a 1,600 bayfront area.

Built to resemble a futuristic metropolis, it was meant to have a 12,000-seat levitating amphitheater, and soaring 1,000-foot Tower of Freedom.

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