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21 Cool Gifts for Gamers That Will Make Their Lives Easier

Finding a gift for someone is always hard, but if you have a gamer friend, it can never be that hard. Whether they& 39;re a fan of old school or brand new PlayStation games, there is always a cool gift for gamers. Of course, you can& 39;t find a one-size-fits-all gift for them since there is a diverse group of all interests, but there are some gifts that every game addict will definitely love.
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Porsche Taycan Catches Fire and Burns to a Crisp in Owner's Garage

The recently released EV Porsche went up in flames in a Florida garage, the reasons are not yet known.February 19, 2020A Porsche Taycan before and after the fire1, 2When you first buy a new car you can& 39;t help but be really excited. It& 39;s shiny, it& 39;s fast, it& 39;s powerful. Now imagine you just bought Porsche& 39;s latest EV Taycan, to say you& 39;d be excited may be the understatement of the year.
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Autonomous Cars

Will Our Children Ever Learn How to Drive a Car?

Self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles are the next big thing in the automotive industry. All this innovation is begging the question, will kids of the future ever learn how to drive a car?Several leading experts predict that children born this year will never have to get a driver’s license, according to Motor Trend.
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Smart Doorbells Alert Search Warrants, FBI Says

Turns out the smart doorbells are doing everything they can to protect their users.September 01, 2020We know that technology is of great help to us with many things, involving supporting the law. Nevertheless, some specific developments could mess with the rules of society in an unintended way as well as help the social order.
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AI Robot Swarm Learns Tactical Warfare from Video Games

AI robot swarms are learning tactical warfare at the University of Buffalo, from students playing video games.February 12, 2020The trick to advancing robot swarm technology for AI may be found in video games.Or so it seems to the University of Buffalo& 39;s (UB& 39;s) artificial intelligence (AI) institute, which landed an incredible $316,000 federal grant to research the decisions people make — specifically, the biometric information revealed via brain waves and eye movements — while playing a video game.
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Bali, an Island in the Paradise

October 03, 2013The Bali Island is one of those places which make you feel like leaving the real world and entering some kind of a surreal, magical world. Unless if you live there, of course. The island carries the name of the whole Bali province in Indonesia. The province has also several smaller islands located around Bali.
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