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Wacky Inventor Creates Twitter-Controlled Anal Vibrator

This inventor went hands-free and gave the controls to the world& 39;s most chaotic place: Twitter.September 15, 2020Over the years at Interesting Engineering, we have seen all kinds of neat, wacky, and/or weird inventions, so it& 39;s pretty tough to shock us. We must admit though that this invention took us by surprise.
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Robotic Pills to Remove Injections for Diabetes

February 24, 2014Medicine could be changed radically by the modern technology in a couple of years from now on. Few years later we may drink some sort of medical gadgets instead of the current chemical medicaments.This thing may become reality if the invention of Mir Imran passes through successful trials.
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The GRIT Freedom Chair offers affordable wheelchair mountain biking

November 20, 2014The standard wheelchair brings mobility to people with disabilities and allows them a great deal of freedom that they otherwise wouldn& 39;t have, however, there are many places that the typical wheelchair just cannot go. For instance, it cannot tackle woodland areas, beaches, trails and some parks without a great deal of difficulty.
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Energy & Environment

What is the European Energy Union?

EU flag Image source:Yanni Koutsomitis, Flickr The European Energy Unionis a plan to bring about a transition, in Europe, to a low-carbon economy. At present, ageing infrastructure, poorly integrated markets and uncoordinated policies are holding back this aim, denying important benefits, such as increased choice or lower energy prices, to consumers, households and businesses.
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The Dubai Mall: The biggest and most elaborate shopping mall in the world

June 04, 2014The world’s biggest and most elaborate shopping mall has to be the Dubai Mall, in Dubai (obviously) and it is situated at the foot of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. The mall is home to more than 1,200 stores and cost more than $20 billion to construct. Image Source: Dubai Mall The shopping mall is four times the size of the Westfield Centre in London and it opened in 2007 after the opening had to be delayed twice.
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